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Meet Noriko

Hello, I’m Noriko, owner and professional house cleaner of Noriko’s House Cleaning. My cleaning business started in May of 2007. I wanted to work while my children were in school, and this business was flexible enough so that I was able to help provide for my family as well as being there for my children. My mission was to become debt free. If you are familiar with Dave Ramsey, he’s the radio talk show host who talks about personal and business finances. He’s the guy who told me to go clean houses! So, here I am in my 10th year of business. I can say I AM consumer debt-free and have a successful business that continues to grow every day.

My prior experience has been mostly administrative. Classically trained at a local 5-star, 5-diamond hotel with almost 4 years of employment; outstanding customer service, excellent work ethic and quality workmanship are just some of the traits I bring into my cleaning business. I ended my employment at our local resort due to my growing business demands.

With steady business growth, I decided to become serious about it by hiring employees, obtaining insurance, becoming bonded and carrying worker’s compensation coverage. Only commercial accounts need licensing. I am a small independently owned (non-franchise) house cleaning company. And was selected to do some subcontract work for a property management company with move-out/move-in cleaning. Additionally, last year, another property management company chose our company to provide cleaning services for rentals. We regularly service our 175+ clients.

I employ those who have gone through a criminal background checks and are just about as detailed as I am. Noriko’s will not hire those that want to be paid under the table, or illegals. I would not jeopardize my business or my clients to any illegal activity. Currently, we have 9 trained cleaners and 1 team lead (who clean just as well as I do). I am very proud of my staff. We hope that you’ll notice a difference in our people. We truly enjoy seeing the transformation in your home.

Today, my focus is to run this company and see to it that I have staffing that is providing the best service available while keeping my clients happy. We are in the people business, so I cannot expect perfection, but we’re darn close!

I’ve had so many compliments on my website. I created it (and had a professional rework it) ~ I find it wordy, imagine what we can do for you in your home.