My housekeeper is wonderful. Detail oriented and through. And my Great Dane’s girlfriend.

Posted by Lucinda B., 03/2018

We've been clients of Noriko's house cleaning since June 2011. With a deep bench of meticulous cleaners, Norkio's has always been both reliable and flexible. They do a great job and she continues to explore new ways to make her company even better. Thank you Noriko, Brooke, and the rest of the NHC staff!

Posted by Bob P., 12/2017

Very professional staff, always on time, and they do a great job. I never have to worry when Noriko's team is coming!

Posted by Valerie S., 11/2017

Noriko is a high intergrity person. She is committed to providing excellent customer service. I love her enthusiam for excellence.

Posted by Lisa C., 10/2017

Noriko is a person of high integrity. I know her through a professional group we both belong to. After getting to know her, I can state emphatically that she is committed to providing an excellent customer experience and that she operates with a desire to achieve the best result for the customer.

Posted by Amanda P., 10/2017

I love coming home after work on the day Brooke cleaned. She is thorough and is always open to paying particular attention to an area I call out to her. Noriko's seems to be intentional about hiring quality personnel. I highly recommend Noriko's!

Posted by Tiffany W., 08/2017

Over 3 years with Noriko's. Service is consistently timely, courteous and thorough. We highly recommend Noriko's House Cleaning.

Posted by RuthAnn L., 08/2017

Kari really does an excellent job and is always willing to redo, if requested. I'm VERY happy so far, and happy to say I've finally found a house cleaning company I can trust to do the job and how and when I want it done, and at a fair price.

Posted by Mia T., 08/2017

Irene does an amazing job. Love having her over.

Posted by Robbie G., 08/2017

Kayla is very efficient and thorough. She received early feedback well and responded to correct the issue (new mop). Wonderful customer service in scheduling and alerts when our housekeeper is out - or changed.

Posted by Joanie S., 07/2017

It is a great feeling to come home and have everything cleaned! Noriko's house cleaning is great. The girls do a very thorough job. It's like the cleaning fairies come in and do everything so I can spend time doing other things (or nothing at all). I highly recommend Noriko's!

Posted by Richard S., 05/2016

Several years ago they cleaned up a house for one of my customers after we created a lot of dust from a remodel. Noriko and her team were very professional and were able to schedule the work quickly.

Posted by Griff H., 05/2016

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