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Why We’re Different

Before you get on the phone and ask for pricing, please consider the risk you may be taking if you’re looking for an independent cleaner and comparing them to cleaning companies. If you don’t want to take the chance for possible damage, theft, excuses, unreliable, no accountability … the possibilities are endless! Consider hiring a company that carries 2 million dollars general liability insurance, bonding AND worker’s compensation. We run background checks on our staff to ensure we select the best staff possible.

Franchised cleaning companies deals in volume: Greater number of homes they clean vs. quality. Noriko’s House Cleaning is a locally-owned residential cleaning service that sees it very differently. We get it. You work hard, and entrust your cleaning company to help you with your house cleaning. We differ by giving you what is expected from a cleaning service. Noriko’s clean practically everything. We do it where we offer each home a complete cleaning so that your home is ready for a maintenance clean. Then keeping it there is relatively simple. If you still find price is your biggest negotiator, please find another cleaning person and the headaches that may go with it. Honestly, I’ve had clients tell me they wished they hired our company first!

If you’d like a ball-park, most homes fall into the $140 per cleaning (3 br/2-1/2 bath home).

We Are Involved In Our Community

We’re involved in our community! We offer free house cleaning to women undergoing cancer treatment through Cleaning For a Reason. And, this is brand new! We have a heart for helping others. We have 5 spots for those who cannot clean their homes for some reason or another at a reduced cost (40% off!!). Whether it be recovering from a surgery, heart condition, or physically unable to clean. Call on us. First 5 homes for a basic clean. We have holes in our schedules and this will ensure our staff has a full day. It will keep our staff employed and it benefits them, knowing they are involved in helping. They love it!

Our Equipment

We provide our vacuums and maintain them. No need to provide filters or worry about maintaining your vacuum. We completely understand if you ever have the need to have us use your equipment and will accommodate your request.

Our Supplies

(Noriko’s provide all supplies. We prefer to carry our own, knowing what works, what is safe for certain surfaces). Again, if you have a preference to use your cleaning supplies, we certainly will accommodate your request.

Additionally, we offer treating your glass shower doors with Tekon, a non-toxic water repellent (similar to RainX on your windshield, but Tekon, you just need to apply once a year). It makes our job easier to clean soap scum. We just ask that you maintain it by using a squeegee and towel dry. Homeowner & house cleaner working together to achieve best results. This treatment will only applied if all soap scum & hardwater stains can be removed. The extra service is $75 for door and side glass. If this space is extra large, there would be an extra charge for the time taken to apply this treatment.

We use microfibers which has the star-like fibers to help pick up and traps the dirt. Gentle enough not to scratch

All of our sponge is non-scratch. We are conscientious about your appliances and surfaces

Our Staff

  • Thoroughly screened for background check
  • Tough interview process to ensure the right person to clean for our team
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Knowledgeable and hard working

Our Rates And Why We Price The Way We Do

Noriko’s House Cleaning is a locally-owned residential cleaning service, a legitimate business, and we treat it that way. The owner, Noriko, has been classically trained at our local 5-star, 5-diamond hotel with almost 4 years of employment. Customer service, excellent work ethics and quality workmanship are some of the aspects she carries into her business. Noriko will occasionally assist in cleaning, however, as the owner, her function will be to oversee and ensure quality control so that all her clients are receiving the best service available.

Noriko’s carries insurance. We place ourselves in between the expensive franchises and independent cleaners who are often seen as “affordable” but have no insurance, bonded (protection from theft) or worker’s compensation and most likely not reporting their earnings. Also, we recently saw some ads offering house cleaning … same rate as ours, but mentions nothing about insurance or worker’s comp. Be wary. Safeguard your home and trust in a professional service. These days it’s too risky to trust a stranger around your most personal items.

Our equipment, cleaning products and staff are carefully selected and screened. We carry the liability, not our customers.


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